“Gardening” STEAM proyect at Fontenebro International School

The students from the entire preschool stage have demonstrated active participation and enthusiasm and have enjoyed our garden and orchard, making discoveries and gaining meaningful learning experiences. The STEAM "Gardening" Project has been an incredibly interesting and motivating experience for all the children. Through their active participation, the children have seen how, by working together [...]

Fontenebro International School is committed to the development of skills and talents.

Fontenebro International School offers an international and bilingual educational project from 1 to 18 years of age. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential, guided on their learning journeys by an involved and comprehensive team of professional educational experts. It is located in the heart of the Guadarrama mountain range in the northwest of [...]


Today, June 5th, we are celebrating Environment Day at our school. This special day gives us the opportunity to reflect on the importance of caring for our planet and taking concrete actions to preserve it. With this goal in mind, we have organized a series of activities and actions in which we hope to have [...]

EU Day Celebration

This year’s celebration of European unity is a culmination of our year-long reading initiative, where Secondary students have taken on the role of reading mentor to our Primary and Infant students. Through this program, we’ve fostered a love of reading, built strong inter-age relationships, and created a community of learners who support and inspire each [...]


In 1st year of ESO we have worked on a multidisciplinary project whose central theme has been Greek myths. Language, English, Visual Arts and Physical Education have been the subjects in which the students have worked on the proposed topic. They read a book of Greek Myths in English, and attended a play about the [...]

The Children’s Clock

What time is it? How to teach children to learn the hours? One of the key learnings throughout childhood and into adulthood is knowing how to read a clock. Teaching a child requires dedication and commitment, taking it step by step. Telling time is a fundamental skill for a child's daily life. Knowing how to [...]

Our ESO students shone in the First Lego League competition at the Camilo José Cela University

We are pleased to share that our ESO students shone in the First Lego League competition at the Camilo José Cela University this Saturday. The First Lego League goes beyond robotics; is a global challenge that inspires young people to explore science and technology creatively. For months, our students worked tirelessly on technology and robotics, [...]

Once Upon a Time… School Project

“ONCE UPON A TIME….” During the month of February, Cultural Week was celebrated in all our stages: children's, primary and secondary, carrying out a transversal project where we embarked on a fascinating journey through the different stages of history. As in previous years we have invited families to explore the past together, as our entire [...]


The Fontenebro International School (from 1 to 18 years old), located in Moralzarzal, has been selected again in the ranking of the 100 best schools in Spain by the Diario El Español, but this time as one of the 50 most outstanding schools from Spain. The general criteria that have guided the selection follow the [...]

Aitana, a student at Fontenebro International School, dazzles with her participation in the TEDxEl Altillo International School Youth

TEDx Youth is a world-famous event in which young people are the protagonists and was held in Jerez on February 15, organized by the El Altillo International School. Aitana, a student at Fontenebro International School, surprised the attendees with her talk in English about the influence of social networks on the self-esteem of adolescents. Last [...]