Bachelor of arts in Madrid

Discover our artistic bachelor in the Sierra of Madrid

If you are looking for an art-focused education in Madrid, Bachelor of arts is the best option. This programme is designed for students looking to develop their skills in art and culture while completing their secondary education.

Fontenebro International School offers a comprehensive and personalised educational project for each and every one of our students, according to their qualities and aptitudes, and focused on the skills they will need in the future. We focus on learning, our pupils learn in a welcoming and pleasant environment, with teachers who care about their emotional wellbeing as the basis for their learning.

We are part of the international group ISP (International School Partnership), which currently has more than 50 schools worldwide.

Our aim is artistic learning, understood as the process of constantly improving our knowledge, skills and capacity for understanding. One of our main commitments is to encourage creativity, so that they can develop their personal projects during their final stage of their education at our school. 

Only through an integral learning process can our pupils develop all their talents, and we insist on education based on universal values, so that their education includes ethical aspects.

What do we offer at the Bachelor of art?

At Bachillerato de Artes de Madrid, we offer a wide variety of art and culture courses, including Art Drawing I, Applied Technical Drawing, and Audiovisual Culture. Our highly trained teachers have extensive experience and are able to enhance the creativity of each of our students.


Our curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive education in art-related subjects. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of subjects, including contemporary art, art history, graphic design and visual communication. Students are also encouraged to broaden their skills through courses in other fields, which allow them to complement their education.

Bachelor of Arts subjects

Some of the subjects we offer in the Bachelor of Arts include:



  • Physical Education
  • Philosophy
  • Spanish Language and Literature
  • Foreign Language: English


  • Artistic Drawing I
  • Applied Technical Drawing
  • Audiovisual Culture


  • French
  • German
  • Scientific Culture

Bachelor of Arts: Career opportunities

Students enrolled in our Bachelor of Arts have a wide variety of options for further education and career development. Some of the options include work in museums and art galleries, film or design studios, or the possibility of working as a freelance artist.

Studying Bachelor of Art in Madrid at Fontenebro International School

If you are a student with a passion for art and want to develop your skills in this area, the Bachelor of Arts at Fontenebro International School in Madrid is the perfect choice for you.

Fontenebro School is a prestigious educational centre located in the north of Madrid, which has a long history of training students in the artistic field. Bachelor of art is one of the most outstanding programmes of our school, designed for those students who want to develop their skills in different disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography or graphic design.

This study programme lasts two years and focuses on offering a complete and rigorous training through a well-structured curriculum that combines theoretical and practical classes. Students have the opportunity to work in specialised workshops equipped with the latest technologies, including high quality materials, allowing them to experiment with different techniques and materials.

Why are we the best Bachelor of arts in Madrid?

Our highly trained teachers and our practical approach to education are the main reasons why we are one of the best options to study the Bachelor of Arts in Madrid. The possibility of studying an arts baccalaureate that also includes a bilingual education during the pre-university years is another of the advantages that our school offers.

Team of teachers in our Arts Bachelor

The team of teachers at Fontenebro International School is made up of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the world of art, which guarantees quality training for students. In addition, the school offers different activities and cultural events, such as art exhibitions, conferences and workshops given by renowned artists, so our students can get to know and explore the world of art in depth.

Studying the Baccalaureate of art at Fontenebro School is an excellent option for those students who wish to develop their creativity and artistic skills, while receiving a rigorous and complete academic education. Madrid also offers the perfect cultural environment for our students to discover the artistic richness of our city, through its museums and cultural spaces.

International Bachelor of Arts at Fontenebro School

If you are looking for an arts education in an international environment, the Bachelor of Arts at Fontenebro International School is the perfect choice. In our programme, students have the opportunity to develop their creative skills while studying in a multicultural and diverse environment. Our aim is for each of our students to discover their own abilities by having all the opportunities they need during an important educational stage such as the Baccalaureate. 

Enrolment period for Bachelor of arts in Madrid

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