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At Laude Fontenebro we are more than an international school, we have created an educational experience based on collaboration with other international schools, under the framework of the International Schools Partnership, an international organization that allows students from all over the world to learn through multicultural educational activities. 

Unlike other international schools in Spain, we work with our own program that allows us to adapt our activities to the expectations and conditions of each of our students. The result is a continuous improvement of communicative skills in other languages, establishing the knowledge related to the language in a permanent way

What is an International School?

International schools in Madrid are educational centers that offer linguistic experiences beyond their borders. An international school in Madrid like Laude Fontenebro not only offers occasional exchanges to English-speaking countries, we have all kinds of activities aimed at reinforcing daily learning in the classroom. We are one of the international schools in Madrid of reference, due to our complete program of activities in collaboration with schools around the world. We develop our activity in the environment offered by ISP, an educational association with which we collaborate every year, to offer our students the best international education.

Advantages of our International School in Madrid for your children

The main advantage we offer our students at our international school in Madrid is our educational program, focused on learning and practicing other languages in different ways. 

Our method begins with the teaching of English, in the higher courses the student will be able to complete their education by choosing French or German, in order to have the most complete educational offer. 

The future of your children is based on their ability to adapt to a dynamic environment, which demands more and more skills. Learning at least a second language is a basic skill, and in the future it will be even more important.  

Another advantage of our educational method is the development of cognitive skills that start with language, but help to enhance learning in other areas. Our students have at their disposal personalized programs, with which they develop their aptitudes and acquire the necessary skills for their future.  

Objectives of our International School

The academic results and the opinions about our international school in Madrid are the best proof of the effectiveness of our educational programs.

Our objective as an international school goes beyond academic results, we work every day so that our students perceive their education as a permanent process, which also includes the practice of values.

The learning process at Laude Fontenebro is based on the teaching of languages. Our students finish their schooling with a very effective operative level, being able to communicate in any circumstance. The international character of our school in Madrid allows all our courses to enjoy activities, both in our own school and in other countries, through immersive activities. Experience has shown us that the improvement in level is acquired through activities that really motivate the student, in environments where he or she must use the language continuously.        

We are part of the International School Partnership

Our main advantage over other international schools in Madrid is that we are part of the International School Partnership, an international association of schools, coordinated to offer activities all over the world. 

The ISP includes centers in different English-speaking countries. Our students enjoy immersive experiences from the first years, acquiring communicative skills that only this type of activities can offer. 

The main advantage of belonging to ISP is that the program of activities and exchange is continuous, therefore, our students can choose all kinds of activities, both in our center and in other countries. 

International Schools Partnership offers us a framework of permanent collaboration, which allows us to ensure the best educational experience from elementary school through high school.

The best international programs at our center

In addition to immersive experiences and international exchanges, at Laude Fontenebro we have an extensive program of activities at our center, based on language learning. 

Our teachers incorporate the educational offerings of ISP into classroom activities, with the objective of encouraging our students’ communicative skills, putting into practice what they have learned.

Beyond the knowledge related exclusively to language, our teachers also strive to transmit values based on collaboration and knowledge of other cultures. Language is the most appropriate method for students of all ages to begin to relate to their environment.  

Choose the best International School for your children’s future

Laude Fontenebro is the best international school for your children. It is an education focused on their future, capable of transmitting the knowledge that will be useful both in the workplace and in their adult life.

We follow an international program based on ISP activities, so that our students enjoy a complete language program that is adapted to their abilities and expectations. At Laude Fontenebro we continue working every year to create the perfect environment for language learning from an international point of view.    

Enrollment deadline for our International School

The enrollment period for next year is now open, make your application now and we will contact you immediately, so that your children can join our school in Moralzarzal from next year.    

For us, the most important is to give our students the opportunity to learn a language fluently, in a few years, they will be able to communicate in English with pupils from all around the world. Contact us now and make your application for the next year.

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If you want to know the price of our international school in Madrid, please contact our center, our rates may include transportation to school every day, dairy meal and nursery.

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If you need more information about Laude Fontenebro, or you want to come and visit our school in person, please contact us and offer your children the best educational experience in the best international school in Moralzarzal, the northwest of Madrid.