Enrolment in the bilingual school Fontenebro International School

Fontenebro International School is a different kind of school in Moralzarzal. Our educational proposal goes beyond bilingual education, our students have the best academic environment, from the beginning of their education to pre-university courses.

Welcome to Fontenebro International School Bilingual School

At Fontenebro International School we apply a British academic programme. Our bilingual school in Alpedrete is a reference in the Community of Madrid for our educational programme and for the results of our students in language and pre-university tests.

For us, the best guarantee is the ability of our students to obtain the best results, which is why year after year we confirm the success of our educational proposal.

Quality education in a bilingual and multicultural environment

Education in a bilingual and multicultural environment such as Fontenebro International School offers numerous opportunities for students. Firstly, it allows them to acquire language skills in several languages, which gives them a competitive advantage in a globalised world. Students develop fluency and communication skills in multiple languages, which facilitates interaction with people from different cultures and the possibility of accessing international educational and professional opportunities.

Students have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, traditions and perspectives, which promotes tolerance, respect and intercultural understanding. This establishes a broader worldview and prepares them for harmonious coexistence in a diverse global society.

Education in a bilingual and multicultural environment also strengthens critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students learn to analyse situations from different cultural and linguistic perspectives, which helps them develop skills related to creativity.

In addition, students benefit from the international experiences of our bilingual school in Alpedrete, which broadens their horizons and enriches their personal development.

Our educational philosophy and differentiating pedagogical approach

Our school offers a different educational methodology to that of other bilingual schools. Language learning is not a complement, but the basis of education at all stages of education, and we create an educational environment which takes into account all the particularities and needs of each of our students.

The result is a personalised education, which prepares our students for all kinds of challenges in the future.

Modern and safe facilities for the integral development of the students.

Among our facilities, we highlight the following.

  • Heated swimming pool
  • Indoor sports center
  • Basketball courts
  • Volleyball court
  • Futsal and handball courts
  • Judo court with tatami mat
  • Climbing wall
  • Psychomotricity classroom (Early Years)
  • Biology and Geology
  • Physics and Chemistry
  • Technology and Robotics
  • Multisensory Classroom (Early Years)
  • Technical Drawing
  • Multi-purpose and audiovisual classroom
  • Computer and internet rooms
  • Plastic arts and music classroom
  • Media Lab: radio, TV and newspaper studio
  • Library
  • Dining room
  • Play Areas
  • Sleep Room (Early Years)

Why choose our Bilingual School in Alpedrete?

The possibility of learning in an environment based on linguistic immersion, obtaining official certificates and native teachers are three of the reasons why our bilingual school in Alpedrete is a reference.

Language immersion from an early age

Language immersion from an early age offers many advantages. Firstly, children have a greater capacity to acquire new languages naturally and effortlessly. Their brains are highly receptive, which makes it easier for them to learn pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar intuitively. In addition, language immersion promotes fluency and authentic pronunciation, as children are constantly exposed to the language in a real environment, in our case, with native teachers. This allows them to develop communication skills and greater confidence in expressing themselves in the language. 

Internationally recognised official certificates in English and other languages

Going to a bilingual school facilitates the goal of obtaining official certificates in English. Firstly, the school provides structured and focused preparation for the certification exams, which increases the chances of success. In addition, the bilingual, native-speaking teachers ensure high quality teaching that results in academic and practical language proficiency. Official certificates, such as Cambridge English, TOEFL or IELTS, are internationally recognised, which expands educational and employment opportunities on a global level.

Native teachers and innovative methodologies for language development

Having native teachers at our school offers significant advantages. Native teachers provide authentic immersion in the language, which improves students’ pronunciation, fluency and listening comprehension. In addition, native teachers have an in-depth knowledge of the culture and traditions associated with the language, which enriches students’ education. 

Native teachers can provide accurate and targeted correction, encouraging more effective learning and further development of language skills.

Educational offer in our Bilingual School in Alpedrete at all levels

In each of the educational stages we implement an innovative educational programme, based on language learning.


The use of English begins from the first academic years, at the same time as learning the mother tongue. 


The primary school years lay the foundational knowledge that will be essential for their future. 


During the secondary school years, students choose the academic pathway that suits their abilities. 


Baccalaureate helps them prepare for the final stage of their education in an international environment.

Admission and enrolment process

At Fontenebro International School, all you have to do is contact our teaching team and we will arrange a face-to-face meeting for you to get to know our facilities and begin the admission process for the next academic year.

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