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Fontenebro International School offers the perfect environment for our students to develop their linguistic abilities, putting into practice their communication skills in English. 

The educational project of our international bilingual school is based on the learning of a second language, which will be crucial for their future. At Fontenebro International School, English is not just another subject in the school cycle, our bilingual institute in Madrid insists on teaching English as a basic knowledge that is developed permanently and whose foundations are established during the first school years. Our students learn to communicate with the same naturalness with which they communicate in their mother tongue, with activities both in our school and in other international institutions.

Our private school in Madrid collaborates with schools around the world under the framework of the International Schools Partnership, an association aimed at promoting cultural exchanges focused on language learning. 

If you are looking for a bilingual school in the Community of Madrid, the educational offer of our school allows your children to prepare for their future, acquiring in a natural way a skill that will be fundamental for their working career.      

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What is a bilingual school?

A bilingual school is a center whose educational program includes an educational project in two languages, Spanish and English, as vehicular languages. This means that the use of English is not exclusive to a single subject, but is present in the student’s regular academic development.

At Fontenebro International School we have developed a bilingual method that goes beyond the usual proposal of bilingual schools in Madrid. We collaborate with schools around the world to offer our students bilingual activities both in the classroom and in international experiences. 

The academic results of our students are the best guarantee, our bilingual approach ensures that students acquire a solid linguistic base during their school years, which will be fundamental for them to continue developing their skills in the future.       

Why is it important to enroll your children in a bilingual program?

The importance of following a bilingual program goes beyond language learning. Students who study in a bilingual program develop their cognitive abilities at a higher level, which has an impact on other areas of learning. 

English is now a core work skill. In a globalized world, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the global vehicular language. The period of time that covers the school development, from 1 to 18 years old, is basic to establish language skills, if during these years the student learns to communicate in several languages, these linguistic skills will be permanent.    

What is the curriculum of our Bilingual Institute?

Our curricula are adapted to the different educational stages that complete the school period, in all of them English is very present not as a subject to overcome in a broader curriculum, but as a communicative method at the same level as the mother tongue. 

The infant stage marks the beginning of language development. Since they are small we will learn what will be the basis of our vocabulary, we begin to handle the first grammatical structures and we develop our capacity for comprehension. Combining the learning of two languages provides the opportunity to learn, in a natural way, two different but complementary languages. 

In our bilingual school in Madrid, the primary school years mean their first contact with other international students. We manage to stimulate their curiosity about languages, establishing basic skills and preparing them for the higher stages, in which improvement is the priority. 

During secondary school, the teaching programs focus on technical knowledge. In reference to language, it is also a stage in which the student begins to develop a higher level, expanding his or her vocabulary and grammar base. At the end of this stage, a student has acquired an adequate level to develop a fluent communication with an English-speaking person.

The baccalaureate courses offer us the opportunity to offer technical learning, oriented towards university education and future employment.      

Advantages of our Bilingual Institute in Madrid

The main advantage of our private bilingual institute in Madrid is that our students finish their schooling with an exceptional level of English. Beyond communication skills, there are other advantages. 

  • Learning both languages develops the student’s cognitive abilities. 
  • Our academic programs encourage the student’s academic performance. 
  • Improves communication skills in both Spanish and English.
  • It is a basic skill for future employment.
  • It allows them to get to know other cultures and understand the plurality of a global world.
  • It is a reinforcement for their social skills.   

Requirements to study in our Bilingual Institute

The admission process begins with an application to the Admissions Council, then an appointment is made to explain the educational program and a tour of our facilities is offered. Once the application has been made, the center evaluates the admission.  

Enroll in our Bilingual Institute

Access to our bilingual institute in Madrid is completed once the center grants a place. If you want to pre-register for next year, the registration period is already open. 

You can register in person or online. For students requesting their first enrollment, the center contacts parents to begin the admission process immediately. 

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Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the center or our educational program, you can contact us by phone, or mail.

Telephone: (+34) 91 857 89 42


We are located at Colonia del Redondillo, 8 (28411) Moralzarzal, Madrid, in the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama, a privileged place for your children to enjoy the best educational environment.