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Fontenebro School is a private school in Madrid with an educational offer focused on language learning from a practical point of view. Our educational programs and ongoing collaboration with the International Schools Partnership (ISP) allow us to offer our students an unparalleled educational environment.

Why are we considered the best private school?

There are many reasons why we have become a private school in Madrid of reference, the results of our students show us, year after year, that the educational program of our school is suitable for the personal and intellectual development of our students.

Great leisure, sports and cultural facilities

We have an environment designed for students to develop their full potential. Our sports, cultural and leisure facilities allow us to encourage the ability of each of our students, generating an interest in their own education that goes beyond the academic period.

Multilingual teaching

We base our programs on the teaching of languages. Beyond the learning of grammatical structures and vocabulary, essential in any language, we encourage the student to be able to communicate fluently from the early stages of learning. The environment offered by ISP allows us to offer our students immersive experiences in other languages.


Values based on integral education and respect

We also place special emphasis on teaching values related to respect, involvement and, in general, active participation as citizens. We want our students to relate naturally with their environment, so that tomorrow they will become responsible citizens.

Digital learning from the very beginning

We include technology in all stages of education. The use of technology in the workplace is one of the challenges of the future, our goal is based on working with digital media that allow us to normalize the use of technology on a daily basis.

Advantages of studying in our Private School

Among the advantages of studying in our private school in Madrid, we highlight the following.

Educational Excellence

Our goal is to offer our students programs of high educational excellence, to prepare them for their personal and professional future.

We work on the digital competence of our students

We integrate technology in the classroom so our students can handle the media of the future with ease.

Personalized learning based on motivation

The emotional level of the student is very important, so we focus on their motivation and all aspects related to emotional intelligence.

Guidance programs for students

We carry out a personal follow-up of each student, with the necessary advice throughout each of their training stages.

Private School in Moralzarzal for all educational stages

In our private school in Moralzarzal we have the best educational offer for your children. They will be able to develop their abilities from the first years of kindergarten to secondary courses, with an incomparable educational experience, with which to face future work and personal projects.
We insist on the importance of learning languages from the earliest stages of their education. Incorporating the learning of other languages from kindergarten allows them to learn a language with the same ease with which they learn their mother tongue. At Fontenebro School we follow a language teaching method focused on communicative skills and continuous language practice.

Our private school receives the best academic results!

The application of our educational programs allows us to improve year after year the results of our students. For our school, the greatest satisfaction is to check the academic results of our students. We are an educational center of reference in Madrid and our best guarantee are the results obtained by our students every year.

International Bilingual Private School: International Programs

The importance of language learning in our school programs is developed through international exchange programs. Learning the grammatical structures and vocabulary of a language is important, however, traditional programs forget the practical part of the language, the communicative level. At our school we place special emphasis on the expressive part of the language, with which we ensure that our students assimilate the basic communicative skills, which are perfected each course.
The results of our international programs reinforce the student’s motivation and confidence, consolidating the knowledge acquired in the classroom.

We are part of the International School Partnership

One of the greatest advantages of our private school in Madrid is the collaboration with the International Schools Partnership, an organization of international schools, with which we offer our students the possibility of enjoying immersive language activities in different areas of the world.
To enhance the learning of a language it is essential to have practical activities that allow students to communicate with other people naturally. The programs developed by ISP allow us to encourage the learning of other languages through international experiences that enable our students to learn about other cultures.

Choose the best private school in the north of Madrid for your children’s future

If you are looking for the best private school in the north of Madrid, at Fontenebro School we offer your children the best educational experience. In addition to our language programs, we offer an education focused on values and student motivation, with a method based on personal teaching.
We want our students to perceive education as a permanent process, with which they will achieve success in their professional and personal lives. To achieve this, we provide them with all the academic resources they will need throughout their school years.

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You can contact us through our website, or come and visit our facilities, we are located at Colonia del Redondillo 8, in Moralzarzal, Madrid.