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Dear families,

Our School is located in Moralzarzal, in the north of the Community of Madrid, in a beautiful valley at Sierra de Guadarrama, at the foot of La Maliciosa and Bola del Mundo mountains, both identifiable in our shield above the symbol of a book. At Fontenebro we educate in an incomparable environment that we value and care for.

Fontenebro was founded in 1996, with the aim of offering a comprehensive and personalized training to each of our students, in accordance with the skills, aptitudes and values ​​that they will need in the future.

Resilience, Honesty, Empathy, Creativity, Teamwork and Responsibility are our values. We train people capable of helping others, taking care of nature and directing their own future.

I invite you to discover the best school in the Sierra de Madrid. If you are interested in finding out about our educational system, the facilities, our level of quality in teaching, as well as the procedures to apply for a place at Fontenebro International School, you can contact me and I will be happy to assist you personally and detail all the information you need.

Fontenebro International School offers a unique educational project in the northwest area of ​​Madrid, with a clear international and multilingual vocation, for children from 1 to 18 years old. We teach the Spanish curriculum and the International Primary and Middle Years Curriculum (IPC- IMYC), in a bilingual system in which more than half of the study load is carried out in English. In addition, we incorporate a third language in 4th grade.

Our students study in a family environment, where emotional education and values, skill development, sports, musical training and of course new technologies, take center stage. Subjects such as robotics, computer science, theater, emotional education and public speaking are included in our school schedule from the childhood stage.

A team of highly qualified teachers works with our students, offering each student an absolutely personal and individualized treatment, which allows us to promote the development of each student’s abilities, skills and talents to the maximum. Our goal is to train independent students, prepared to thrive in a global world. Our students progress in the best universities in Spain and around the world.

Fontenebro International School in Moralzarzal belongs to the British group ISP Schools (International Schools Partnership), with more than 80 schools worldwide in countries such as Spain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Italy, etc. from Europe, Mexico and Central America, the Middle East, South America, Asia, Canada and USA. ISP SCHOOLS students also enjoy the opportunity to take trips and cultural and educational exchange experiences between their own schools and other European partner centers.

For more information: Instituto Bilingue Madrid Norte.

Silvia Navas
Head of Admissions & Marketing


Tlf: +34 671 667 725


Our doors in the Admissions department remain open throughout the year, looking forward to the opportunity to welcome you into our school community, regardless of the season.

The admissions process follows a structured approach to ensure a smooth transition for your child into our educational environment:

1. Contact us

Please reach out to us to schedule a visit to our school or to arrange a virtual call, especially if you are currently abroad.

2. School Tour/Virtual Call

This stage provides us with the chance to meet you and your child, allowing a deeper understanding of your child’s needs and interests. We will delve into our curriculum and show you our facilities, providing you with a glimpse into our amazing learning environment.

3. Assessment/Taster Day

We may request your child’s previous school report (if applicable) and organize placement tests if necessary. Furthermore, we may invite your child to a taster day at our school, allowing them to immerse themselves in our community.

4. Acceptance

Upon successfully completing the assessment process, you will receive an offer in writing, giving you a fixed period (between 5 to 10 days), during which we will reserve a place for your child as you proceed with the registration process.

5. Enrolment

Congratulations! Your family is now part of our School Community.



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