Our Moralzarzal school of Fontenebro International School offers its students a truly bilingual education programme that is centred around developing their skills and talents on the basis of active, practical and experiential learning. Our students reach their true potential with a solid grounding in core values.  They receive comprehensive emotional education and develop top communication skills in both English and Spanish.













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Why are we considered the best school in Moralzarzal?

There are many reasons why we have become a reference private school in Moralzarzal, the results of our students show us, year after year, that the educational programme of our school is suitable for the personal and intellectual development of our students.

Great leisure, sports and cultural facilities

We have an environment designed for students to develop their full potential. Our sporting, cultural and leisure facilities allow us to encourage the ability of each of our students, generating an interest in their own education that goes beyond the academic period.

Multilingual teaching

We base our programmes on language teaching. Beyond the learning of grammatical structures and vocabulary, essential in any language, we encourage the student to be able to communicate fluently from the early stages of learning. The environment offered by PSI allows us to offer our students immersive experiences in other languages.

Values based on holistic education and respect

We also place special emphasis on teaching values related to respect, involvement and, in general, active participation as citizens. We want our pupils to relate naturally to their environment, so that tomorrow they will become responsible citizens.

Digital learning from the very beginning

We include technology in all stages of education. The use of technology in the work environment is one of the challenges of the future, our objective is based on working with digital media that allow us to normalise the use of technology on a daily basis.

Private School in Moralzarzal for all educational stages

At our private school in Moralzarzal we have the best educational offer for your children. They will be able to develop their abilities from the first years of kindergarten to high school, with an incomparable educational experience, with which to face future work and personal projects.

We insist on the importance of language learning from the earliest stages of its formation. Incorporating the learning of other languages ​​from the infant courses allows learning a language with the ease with which one learns the mother tongue. At Fontenebro School we follow a language teaching method focused on communication skills and the continuous implementation of the language.

Our School receives the best academic results!

The application of our educational programs allows us to improve the results of our students year after year. For our school, the greatest satisfaction is to verify the academic results of our students, we are a reference educational center in Madrid and our best guarantee is the results that our students obtain each course.

We are part of the International School Partnership

One of the greatest advantages of our private school in Madrid is the collaboration with the International Schools Partnership, an organization of international schools, with which we offer our students the chance to enjoy immersive language activities in different parts of the world.

To enhance the learning of a language it is essential to have practical activities that allow the student to communicate with other people naturally. The programs developed by the ISP allow us to encourage the learning of other languages, through international experiences that enable our students to learn about other cultures.

How can I apply for a place at the College?

You can apply for a place by filling out the registration form and handing it in to the school secretary, to the attention of the director of admissions and external relations. You can also contact us through the school website to fill out the online application. Once the admissions director has received your request, she will contact you to arrange a visit so that you can get to know the center and its facilities, and proceed with the delivery of the pertinent documentation and payment of tuition. If the student accesses Primary, Secondary or Baccalaureate, they must take an entrance test in both Spanish and English.

Are there other services that are mandatory?

Teaching and dining are the only mandatory concepts. Other services such as transportation, special morning hours (Breakfast Club) or extracurricular activities are optional and, therefore, only paid by those families who request it.

Why choose our School in Moralzarzal?

Fontenebro School offers a completely consolidated and unique educational project, accompanied by proven educational excellence, since our students have been leading the results in the Selectividad tests, the official exams of the University of Cambridge or the Goethe-Institut for several years.

What is the difference between an international school, a British school or a bilingual school?

It is important to correctly differentiate each profile: an international school is one that teaches an international program in an accredited manner in any of its educational stages; British schools exclusively offer the British National Curriculum and bilingual schools teach a certain percentage of subjects in English.

What is the profile of our School in Moralzarzal?

Fontenebro School students follow a Spanish curriculum and an international curriculum (IPC in Primary and IMYC in Secondary) accredited and certified. In addition, we have an international community that will enrich our educational experience.

How does Fontenebro include international programs within its educational project?

ISP is a leading group of international private schools, recognized in local communities and the education sector globally for incredible learning, ambition and growth. We are an international group that brings together different cultures and in which different languages ​​are spoken. We currently have 80 schools in 20 countries with close to 55,000 students and 8,000 employees, and we are still growing! We believe that the most successful schools are those where learning is the foundation of everything they do. As a group of international schools, our students benefit from being part of a broader global community, which provides many cultural and educational opportunities. additional learning. Our goal is for all ISP students to have the opportunity to apply knowledge and life skills outside of the classroom and to network with other ISP students from around the world. Last year, nearly 28,000 students ages 5-18 participated in 9 programs.

This 2024-25 academic year, we will offer up to 11 ILOS programmes, allowing even more students from around the world to join these unique learning experiences. Some projects will be done online, some at school, some hybrid, and some will include face-to-face experiences abroad. Programs cover a wide range of topics and skills so that all students fit in, whatever their passions or interests. Apart from the travel and some accommodation costs involved, there will be no additional cost for ISP families participating in ILOS programs.