Founded in 1996, Laude Fontenebro School offers a comprehensive education of the highest quality. We educate students to be capable of determining the course of their own future.

We devise a comprehensive education programme that includes:


We are very thorough in our tutorial work and in communicating with families. Our student-to-teacher ratio is excellent: there is one teacher to every seven students. Our students work in small groups of 18 on average, with never more than 22 pupils in a class. We offer a personalised support service for the students that need it, ensuring that no one is left behind, as well as for the most able students to give them the challenge they need. This support is offered by a second teacher in the classroom in Primary. In Secondary, this personalised support service is offered in all core subjects (Spanish, mathematics, English).


We are a Spanish-English bilingual school, and we add a third language in Year 4 of Primary (either French or German). There is 100% immersion in English during Early years for our 1, 2 y 3 years. We are an official Examination Centre for Cambridge (English), Goethe (German) and Delf (French). Preparation for these exams is included in the school day. We have Teacher Assistants, native-speaking staff specialised in improving the English pronunciation and communication skills of our children. We foster multilingual learning, an open-minded and global mentality that enables our children to navigate international and multicultural environments successfully.


We encourage the involvement and responsibility of our children, putting them in charge of their own learning. In Secondary and Baccalaureate, this methodology becomes second nature to students. Our teaching staff are professional specialists of the twenty-first century and attend training programmes on a continuous basis to explore the most advanced teaching techniques and methods. In Primary, we follow the International Primary Curriculum, used in more than 1,000 schools in 65 countries. This is a methodology that encourages learning in a natural way on the basis of the interlinking of different topics and subjects. This methodology ensures that learning is connected, rather than split into separate segments. We work on motivation, commitment, respect, investigative spirit, communication skills and a high degree of comprehension and reasoning.


Our children become accustomed to using state-of-the-art technology from an early age. We introduced the Google for Education platform, so that technology can be incorporated into all educational activities. Google Classroom is the ideal place to organise homework and projects in all subjects, enabling teamwork among children and teachers both in the classroom and at home. With their programming, electronics and robotics projects, our children take part in the First Lego League each year. This is an international competition that stimulates our children’s interest in science and technology, developing their problem-solving, team-work and communication skills. All our classrooms are equipped with digital whiteboards, and our teachers use the most advanced learning in all subjects.
All our students have Chromebooks, tablets that enable them to work on and prepare all kinds of projects. Lessons on new technologies, BQ robotics, electronics, scratch etc. all form part of our school day.


Emotional education is part of our education programme. We provide a full emotional education programme from the age of 3 until the Year 4 of Secondary in collaboration with the Botín Foundation, which promotes our children’s emotional, intellectual and social growth, encourages communication and improves coexistence. We use this programme to help our children get to know and trust themselves, understand others, recognise and express emotions and ideas, develop self-control and self-respect, learn to take responsible decisions, manage their emotions, value and care for their health and improve their social and communication skills.
This allows us to commit to society and the world. Both the school and our students engage in volunteer programmes and charity initiatives (collective tuck shop, a fund-raising marathon, fund-raising markets, etc.) in aid of major humanitarian organisations.


WE ARE AN ECO-SCHOOL. These areas are key elements of our education programme, which foster healthy habits and key values such as creativity, effort, teamwork, imagination, participation, integration, responsibility and respect for others.
Studying music enhances children’s memory, attention span and concentration abilities. It is a means of expression that stimulates the imagination, senses, balance and muscle development. Music and the ability to play a range of instruments is key to our education programme. We are an Official Examination Centre for Trinity College London, with a 100% pass rate.
We’re firm believers in the importance of physical education, which promotes friendship, fair play, discipline, teamwork and respect for rules. Laude Fontenebro School has been officially recognised by the Ministries of Health and Education as an educational institution committed to sports and physical education. We’re also firmly committed to developing healthy lifestyle habits.
We encourage our students to care for the environment. We take part in numerous awareness-raising programmes. Our school participates in the programme to qualify as an Eco-School, and actively collaborates with the Sierra de Guadarrama Foundation in protecting and restoring natural habitats. We help pass on these values and foster socially and environmentally responsible behaviours, as well as encouraging responsible consumption. In short, we take a socially responsible approach to our surroundings. We provide key learning experiences in the educational process. We follow a curriculum with learning experiences that enable our children to develop their creativity, critical thinking, initiative and entrepreneurial spirit. Our students benefit from learning experiences such as environmental and charitable projects, projects that cultivate their communication skills in English and Spanish and develop their critical thinking skills (First Lego League, Eco-School programmes, the Maths Project for Good Causes, the Young Business Talents Programme, Communication Skills, theatre, drama, public speaking and debating, etc.) during the school day.

Our academic results are excellent thanks to our dedicated teaching philosophy and a culture that values effort and the drive to improve. Our students have the chance to attend the best Spanish and international universities.

We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities to complement academic activity, such as sports (judo, yoga, football, basketball, swimming, life-guarding, rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics, etc.), the School of Art, School of Dance, School of Music (violin, piano, guitar, drums, etc.), chess, and the School of Logical Thought.

We have fantastic facilities that are constantly being updated and improved: swimming pool, sports hall, psychomotricity rooms, music and dance rooms, football pitches and basketball courts, playground area, swings, separate Early Years playground, dining hall (our own kitchen, meals prepared and cooked on site), laboratories (physics, biology and chemistry), robotics and new technologies room, art and sculpture rooms, library, etc.

Other important points to take into account


We carry out checks on people entering and leaving the school and the prior authorisation of parents is an essential pre-requisite for allowing your children to leave with any other person.


The school has large windows, well-lit spaces for Early Years, classrooms with plenty of light and excellent views of the surroundings. There is LED lighting in all areas of the school.


We are proud of the low level of conflict in the school and the atmosphere of trust.
We have a Scheme for Respecting Others, Disciplinary Regulations and an Intervention Protocol for cases of bullying. Handbook