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The best bilingual School in Madrid

Fontenebro School offers the best bilingual experience for all ages. Being part of the International Schools Partnership allows us to develop activities that truly become linguistic immersions, not only oriented to language learning, but also allowing the student to learn first hand about another culture, enriching their experience. 

Our bilingual school is not only focused on learning the language for later use in their working career, we help each student to acquire a learning method that allows him/her to continue to develop him/her skills in the future, and also to apply this cognitive process to other areas of education. 

Our bilingual school encourages the use of other languages on a daily basis, so our students can communicate naturally and fluently.

Why are we the best bilingual school in Madrid?

Fontenebro School is the best international bilingual school in Madrid, due to the linguistic immersion provided by our language programs. 

ISP Experience

The International Schools Partnership is present in 13 countries, through 48 schools. Being part of this educational association allows us to create a wide network focused on cultural exchange, with objectives that go beyond the curricular advantages. 

Teaching in different languages

We integrate in a natural way the use of other languages in the daily life of the student, so communicative processes are fluid from an early age. 

Values based on integral education and respect

The knowledge of other cultures allows us to reinforce the teaching of values related to tolerance and respect. 

Preparation for official exams

We carry out preparation programs for official language exams in institutions such as Cambridge, DELF or the Goëthe Institute.

Experiencia ISP

International Schools Partnership cuenta con más de 50 colegios alrededor de todo el mundo. Formar parte de esta asociación educativa nos permite crear una amplia red centrada en el aprendizaje, en el intercambio cultural, con objetivos que van más allá de los aspectos curriculares. 

Aprendizaje en diferentes idiomas

Integramos de manera natural el uso de otros idiomas en el día a día del alumno, para que los procesos comunicativos sean fluidos desde edades tempranas. Desde 1 año nuestros alumnos aprenden en Inglés durante toda la jornada. 

Valores basados en la educación integral y el respeto

El conocimiento de otras culturas nos permite reforzar la enseñanza de valores relacionados con la tolerancia y el respeto. Resiliencia, honestidad, empatía, creatividad, trabajo en equipo, y responsabilidad son nuestros valores.

Preparación para exámenes oficiales

Llevamos a cabo programas de preparación de cara a exámenes de idiomas oficiales en instituciones como Cambridge, DELF o el instituto Goëthe.

Why choose a bilingual educational program in Madrid?

The reasons for choosing an international bilingual school are related to the future curriculum of the student, however, there are other reasons why learning a second language is very positive at an early age.  

More professional opportunities for students

Once they enter the job market, learning a language multiplies their chances of finding the job they are looking for.  

Cognitive and communicative development

Learning a language improves cognitive and communicative skills, both in the present and in the long term. 

Improved academic performance

The skills a person develops through learning a language can be applied to other areas of learning. 

Bilingual school for all educational stages

At Fontenebro School  we apply our bilingual learning method throughout all stages of education, from early childhood to high school. Our goal is to train our students through a solid grammatical and lexical teaching, focusing on the practical part of language learning.

It is important that the student can handle the language in a practical way, to communicate with people from all over the world. Our bilingual school in Madrid integrates learning into the student’s daily life, so the expression in a second language is as natural as expression in the mother tongue. 

Our bilingual school receives the best academic results

Our best guarantee is the results obtained by our students. Both the academic aspect and the formation of values are important in our school programs. In the field of language learning, we seek both curricular excellence and the advantage of an education based on a deep knowledge of other cultures. 

We are part of the International School Partnership

The International School Partnership (ISP) allows us to work in a perfect educational framework for immersive language learning. Beyond specific activities related to the learning of other languages, we work continuously to offer our students the possibility of getting to know other countries and cultures. 

ISP allows us to maintain a permanent program of activities and exchanges.

We are the bilingual school in Madrid you were looking for

We get our students to learn other languages in a natural way, with a teaching program based on the practice and understanding of the language from the first academic years. 

Incorporating this skill from an early age will facilitate the improvement of the language in the future, also establishing a solid foundation that allows the implementation of the language in a practical way.

International bilingual school: we have the best international programs

The possibility of traveling to other countries and meeting students from all over the world is a curricular advantage, but it also provides experiences that are not offered by other bilingual schools in Madrid. 

The ISP framework allows us to encourage the use of the language from kindergarten to the last pre-university courses.

Advantages of studying at our bilingual school

Among the advantages of learning other languages at  Fontenebro School, we highlight the following.

Innovative educational programs

We work with the most innovative methods in language teaching for children and teenagers.

International programs

We have a wide network of international educational centers that allow us to share language learning and exchange programs.

Individualized teaching

We offer each student a program adapted to their needs and guidance throughout the different stages of their development.

Choose our Bilingual School in Madrid for your children’s future

Learning several languages is essential for the future of your children, establishing the right foundation will make a qualitative difference for their future career. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to study in a bilingual environment

To learn a language it is essential to have an environment that encourages and stimulates the student, our school is the perfect place to continuously put into practice the communication skills required to learn another language. 

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