Dear families,

I am Rafael Alonso, the Coordinator of Baccalaureate at Fontenebro. In these difficult times in the teaching profession, it is my pleasure and honour to be part of the Laude family.

Baccalaureate is the final stage of our programme, a non-compulsory course of study in which we prepare students to face the challenges of higher education.

We accompany our students at this complex time filled with changes as they make the transition to adulthood.
We want students who are happy and skilled. Self-confident, capable students who are able to tackle the academic and personal challenges that await them.

We foster critical thinking and strengthen their speaking skills so they feel comfortable in their second and third languages. We develop their talent, guide their choices and improve those areas where they feel less confident.

Our well-prepared teaching staff are committed and consistently undergo training to improve their skills. Our students acquire their skills with the support and encouragement of their families and educational community.

When our students consider our school their home from home, we have achieved our goal.

Thank you for being part of our community and making the Laude Fontenebro family a little larger with your trust.

Rafael Alonso García


Ages 16 to 18.

Spanish Education System.

The Baccalaureate is the final stage of Secondary Education. It is voluntary and lasts for two academic years. Our goal is to ensure that our students leave adequately prepared to face the challenges of the modern world.

Our aim is to consolidate everything that was acquired in previous stages and offer a well-rounded education: to prepare our students for different types of work and requirements, and boost their skills, guiding them in this vital stage in their education.

We encourage a learning style that is adapted to present and future needs; we want students to research, learn and master new technologies, written expression, spoken presentation, team work, critical thinking and the importance of languages in an increasingly global environment.

On this basis and having regard to the importance of the University Entrance Exams, the school has three types of Baccalaureate: Sciences, Social Sciences, Technologic and Arts, with a range of subjects adapted to provide students with all the knowledge and skills they need for their further education.

The teaching staff and Guidance Department work together to meet the needs of each individual student, helping them to make the most of their abilities and get the best possible results in the external exams. All of this helps to provide a solid basis for their future.


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