Nursery School in Moralzarzal

 Welcome from the Head of Infant School

The Early Years school at Colegio Fontenebro International School is the best educational option in the Sierra de Madrid if you have children between 1 and 6 years old.

A teacher with more than 20 years of experience in education and a mother concerned about the education of her daughters tells you. I am Julia, the Coordinator of the Stage, I am passionate about educating and I feel lucky to be able to work in what is my true vocation. Also, since I was a mother, it is clear to me that the choice of school for our children is essential for what they are tomorrow. The education that we can give them is the best heritage and greatest legacy that any father or mother can leave them.

I have the same interests and the same concerns as the families of my stage, and this means that in my daily life, in the classrooms and in my school, aspects of the professional field, linked to my teaching function, are intertwined with other aspects of more personal field, related to the experience of motherhood.

I know that any child enrolled in our school may be able to communicate using the English language anywhere in the world, when they are older. The professionals who work here with our students seek for the little ones to be upright, safe people, who have an intellectual and emotional balance that allows them to decide and choose what kind of life they want to live. It is important that they face today’s challenges by putting their skills and talents into practice so that they are able to face the challenges of the 21st century with the basic skills necessary to function in a world that is so changing and so vulnerable at times.

Our Early Years School combines two very different environments, on the one hand the warmth and proximity of a small school in a municipality in the mountains of Madrid, with a team of professionals involved and experts in the first years of schooling, where we are clear that : welcoming them, loving them and taking care of them will give the best of themselves. And on the other hand, the internationality of belonging to a global educational group, whose premise is letting children learn from their own experiences, playing, exploring, with others and with their environment. Always seeking to arouse interest in knowing more and discovering the world, relating learning to a context and making it meaningful and real learning.

Our classes have a reduced ratio because we believe that in this way we will attend to the individuality of our students. The methodology of working in corners combined with the projects allows us to focus on this, and ensure that each student in our educational community has the key to their future learning.

The stability of our staff is essential and there are many of us who have been working hand in hand as a team to always seek to have the best project in the area, Spanish staff mixes with native and truly bilingual staff and in this way we have a perfect combination so that the little ones feel this school as their second home.

I invite you to meet us, we are waiting for you with open arms, surely we will not disappoint you.

Thank you families for the trust!!!

All the best

Julia Garcia Moran
Early Years Coordinator


Our nursery school in Moralzarzal is an academic institution of reference in the Community of Madrid. Our method of language learning at an early age has allowed us to apply a highly efficient academic process, with which early learners, between the ages of 2 and 6, learn the grammatical structures in English, at the same pace at which they develop their skills in Spanish.

Our nursery school in Moralzarzal is based on the Taking Off educational method, with which we identify multiple intelligences and adapt our educational programs to the specific abilities of each student. Regarding language learning, we get students to acquire communicative skills in English in a natural way. 

The use of new technologies is a continuous support for learning. Currently, there are all kinds of digital applications that allow us to reinforce the linguistic knowledge of our students. In our nursery school in Moralzarzal we have equipped classrooms, our infant students can become familiar from an early age with the use of digital tools oriented to learning.

Objectives of our Nursery School in Villalba

At Fontenebro International School we have very specific objectives regarding the first academic phases. All of our educational programs include specific areas related to language learning. In the case of the first years of kindergarten, our students learn English at the same pace as they develop their skills in Spanish, which means that they acquire permanent knowledge, which will be the basis for further improvement in later years. 

We want our students to acquire solid knowledge about the environment around them, based on individual teaching methods. At Fontenebro International School we not only focus on the traditional academic program, but we also add skills related to psychomotor capacities, music and new technologies.

Beyond the curricular program, our commitment also includes the teaching of values from the first school years. Through “Filosofía Lúdica” program, we teach our students to value the importance of skills related to logic, ethics and creativity, so they acquire the knowledge that will enable them to become citizens committed to their environment in the future. 

The result of this commitment has an impact on the knowledge of our kindergarten students. The academic preparation they receive during the first years of schooling becomes the best basis for their later intellectual development.   

Methodology of our Infant School

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences is an academic process that takes into account the different abilities of each student in order to design an adapted academic process. Our individualized teaching allows each student to make his or her own decisions, and at the same time, to be able to assimilate a knowledge base that is essential for his or her further development. 

It is evident that each student has a series of particular abilities, which are the ones that differentiate him or her, our teaching program identifies this types of aptitudes and stimulates them during the first years of learning. The result is an emotional reinforcement for the student, who acquires a permanent commitment to his or her own education.

Pedagogical Programs

The application of adapted pedagogical programs during the first stages of schooling is an advantage for the student. For a kindergarten student it is important to acquire basic knowledge about the world around them, but they must also begin to apply this knowledge in real life, learning a second language in a practical way helps in this process. Language is not only memorized, it is also put into practice on an ongoing basis. If the student learns grammatical structures at the same pace as he develops his mother tongue, he will be acquiring a permanent communicative ability. 

Advantages of our Nursery School

The main academic advantages of our nursery school in Villalba are the following:


  • Our students learn English in a natural way adapted to their age.
  • We take into account the particular abilities of each student, adapting our programs to their needs.
  • Students receive individualized attention, focused on their cognitive development.
  • We have the best technological equipment, adapted to children’s education. 
  • We develop a comprehensive teaching method, so infant students acquire all kinds of knowledge.
  • We encourage their ability to make decisions autonomously, based on their needs and values. 


The infant education stage is crucial for the development of a student. On the one hand, there are a series of knowledge that must be settled during this stage, in addition, it is important that they begin to make decisions and learn to manage emotional aspects. At Fontenebro International School we take into account all the student’s abilities and we work on the basis of the most complete educational program. 

We educate through bilingualism

Language learning is fundamental in our school. The infant stage focuses on the teaching of English, always from a practical point of view. 

In the stage of 1, 2 and 3 years, communication is carried out entirely in English (except Music, sport and arts) the rest of the infant courses are taught 50% in English and 50% in Spanish.

The ability to learn a language is much higher during the first school years, at this age the brain is prepared to quickly establish the structures of a language and its implementation, so students who learn two languages during the first academic years have a high probability of acquiring a bilingual level at the end of their educational stage. 

Children’s Curriculum

Our children’s curriculum is the most complete teaching proposal in the Community of Madrid. Our programs are based on the development of each student’s particular abilities, with personalized programs that incorporate language learning from an early age.  

Subject of Emotional Education

It is taught by our child psychologist, who knows all the children as soon as they arrive at school and makes the students see her as just another teacher, not as someone outside the school or as an office psychologist. This makes our work much easier if your child needs help or guidance from the School’s psycho-pedagogical office. In the infant stage, basic emotions are worked on: joy, sadness, fear and anger, love. We use stories as a methodological tool and they learn to identify emotions in themselves and in their classmates. Students learn to recognize their emotions and manage them. This program has continuity with the subject of Emotional Education until the Baccalaureate stage.

Social skills program

At four years old, when the child is already more prepared, controls that impulsiveness more and has acquired good language, we teach them techniques and give them guidelines on how to establish social relationships, what things we have to do to get closer to others: how to greet , what our body language should be, how to ask to be admitted into a game or how to propose one, etc. We use rollplay games, stories and situations that make us put ourselves in the other’s place. This program is continuous with the subject of communication skills in both English and Spanish up to high school.

Self-monitoring program

It begins at the age of 5 when children are mature enough to face situations and begin to control their character. We teach them techniques to know what to do when we are angry and we explain that anger is necessary just like other emotions, that it is not a bad thing, but that we must channel that anger in a civilized way. Stepping away from the conflict for a while, going to the quiet corner or any other quiet space, taking deep breaths and putting our hands in our pockets to relax. We teach them the balloon technique or the turtle technique, which are tools that allow us to control anger. This program has activities to work with children at home and from time to time we ask families to carry out some so that there is the same common line of work from the family and the school environment. They are usually playful, brief and attractive activities, always in the form of a game.