Fontenebro International School has many and varied extracurricular activities. Some of them, such as the School of Music, can be taught during school hours during breaks.

We also have a wide variety of extracurricular activities to complement academic training, grouped into Sports Activities, School of Performing Arts, Dance School, Music School, Chinese School, Swimming School, Lifesaving School and Other Activities

Many of our extracurricular activities can be enjoyed by adults (families of our students) and by the students themselves. There are also extracurricular weekends and family weekend activities: trekking and adventure, mountain biking, etc.

To sign up for extracurricular activities, please fill out the registration form and deliver it to the secretary’s office or send it by email to,

Extracurricular activities are carried out at the facilities of Fontenebro International School (Moralzarzal), and are open to school students and external students.


Fiorella Cassine

Extracurricular Coordinator

(+34)609 241 795