Extracurricular activities take place in the facilities of Fontenebro International School (Moralzarzal), and are open to students from the school and to external students.

Artistic and Creative Activities:

These activities include drama, chiquirritmo, storytelling, modern dance, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and circus. Children develop acting skills, confidence, coordination, body expression and self-esteem through music, movement and various artistic disciplines.

Sports Activities:

Sports and psychomotor skills, JUDO, triathlon, swimming, skating, football and fencing are offered. These activities improve coordination, physical abilities and social skills, as well as promoting all-round physical and mental development.

Educational and Developmental Activities:

Activities include sensory workshops, Play’n English, Talk’n English, educational robotics, little engineers, chess and experiment workshops. These activities encourage cognitive development, English language learning, programming, critical thinking and scientific exploration.

Play activities:

These include board games and big games. These activities develop cognitive and social skills through traditional and current games, as well as a variety of sports and crafts, providing a fun and enriching experience.