In 1st year of ESO we have worked on a multidisciplinary project whose central theme has been Greek myths.

Language, English, Visual Arts and Physical Education have been the subjects in which the students have worked on the proposed topic.

They read a book of Greek Myths in English, and attended a play about the myth of Cupid.

They chose one of the myths to adapt it to the comic genre, and make a comic page that told the chosen myth.

We call this part of the project “Mito-Comic”

They translated the texts into English, and adapted them so that there was narrative text, dialogues and onomatopoeia.

Finally, at Visual Arts they learned about the comic genre and its graphic aspects, the importance of balance between images and texts.

They began learning how to draw expressive faces, and bodies in action, and from there, character design, background design, page layout, and onomatopoeia design.

A long process, which bore fruit.

From Physical Education, they learned, among other things, that the origin of “physical education” is located in ancient Greece, and They connected the stories of Greek myths with games that the students designed in groups. We called this part of the project “Myth-Games”

The families attended the classroom presentation of the project, and were able to participate in an art workshop, and design their own onomatopoeia, and another of Physical Education, and enjoy the games that the students had designed in the playground.

We appreciate the families’ assistance in being able to learn about and enjoy these educational projects that we carry out with so much enthusiasm every day at school.”


“Hello Bea, I wanted to tell you that the activity on mythology that you have shown us today has been fascinating, I loved how you make our children familiar with this topic in such a playful and fun way. I personally have really enjoyed doing the art workshop, the kids have taught me techniques that I didn’t know and the final result has been very cool. Regarding the physical education workshop, I am still amazed at how they have managed to teach us mythology through sports, the games have been super fun, I had a great time.”