EU Day Celebration

This year’s celebration of European unity is a culmination of our year-long reading initiative, where Secondary students have taken on the role of reading mentor to our Primary and Infant students. Through this program, we’ve fostered a love of reading, built strong inter-age relationships, and created a community of learners who support and inspire each other. Therefore, we have gathered once more to celebrate European unity with a special event.

A Journey Through Europe: Morning Activities

The festivities kicked off in the morning with an engaging and educational activity designed for our 2nd and 3rd ESO students. Divided into 27 stations, each representing one of the EU member countries, these students brought to life a captivating story through dramatization. This story revolves around a stork traveling across Europe, encountering various iconic characters from each country’s folklore.

Guiding the Youngest: The Role of 1st ESO Students

The 1st ESO students led the Infant groups (ages 3, 4, and 5) and Primary classes through this European adventure. They started with an introduction station and, to make this experience even more interactive, the younger students carried a “passport” which was stamped at each station. This passport will serve as a souvenir of their journey through Europe and evidence for the knowledge they’ve gained.

A Dynamic Outdoor Activity

This dynamic activity, like a gymkhana, took place outdoors in the school’s patio. The open-air setting added to the excitement and energy of the event allowed students to move freely from one station to another. It was a lively and educational experience, fostering a sense of exploration and discovery.

Closing Ceremony

At the end of the day, we came together for the closing ceremony. The 4th ESO students read a manifesto, reflecting on the importance of unity and cooperation within the European Union. Following this, we joined our voices in singing the EU anthem, celebrating our shared values and collective identity.

This event strengthened the bonds between our students and connected us all to the broader European community.