“Gardening” STEAM proyect at Fontenebro International School

The students from the entire preschool stage have demonstrated active participation and enthusiasm and have enjoyed our garden and orchard, making discoveries and gaining meaningful learning experiences.

The STEAM “Gardening” Project has been an incredibly interesting and motivating experience for all the children. Through their active participation, the children have seen how, by working together and collaborating with all their preschool peers, the orchard and garden are kept well-maintained and beautiful. Together, they have created a space for learning and enjoyment, where every day is an opportunity to discover something new and exciting. This project has not only beautified our surroundings but also strengthened the sense of community and cooperation among the children, making them feel proud of their shared achievements.

Below, we detail some of the activities carried out by the different groups from 1 year to 5 years old at Fontenebro International School.

Ground Preparation: The children participated in cleaning and preparing the ground, removing stones and leaves to get the area ready for planting.

Seed Planting: Learning about different types of plants and their needs. Each child had the opportunity to plant their own seeds, following instructions on how to do it correctly to ensure their growth.

Daily Care of the Orchard:

  • Watering: The children were in charge of daily watering of their seeds and occasionally the orchard, learning about the importance of water for plants.
  • Observation: They were encouraged to observe the changes in the plants.

Science Activities:

  • Germination Experiments: We conducted experiments to observe the germination process of seeds, using different types of seeds, such as lentils, chickpeas, or beans.
  • Insect Investigation: The children explored the orchard in search of insects, learning about the different types of insects that help and harm plants.
  • Additionally, in the 5-year-old classroom, they have been raising silkworms and snails.

Art Integration:

  • Orchard Decoration: The children have decorated the feeders and birdhouses they built for the garden.
  • Natural Art: We made collages and drawings inspired by the plants and insects we found in the orchard.

Math in the Orchard: The children counted the leaves, flowers, and fruits, classifying them according to different criteria (color, size, shape).

Environmental Awareness and Perspective: Through the enjoyment in the garden and the care and observation of the orchard, we have discussed with your children the importance of taking care of the environment and how our actions in the orchard contribute to it.