Today, June 5th, we are celebrating Environment Day at our school. This special day gives us the opportunity to reflect on the importance of caring for our planet and taking concrete actions to preserve it. With this goal in mind, we have organized a series of activities and actions in which we hope to have the enthusiastic participation of our students and their families.

Environment Day Activities:

  1. Wearing Green:
    • We invite all students to come dressed in green. This color symbolizes our commitment to the environment and will help us create an atmosphere of unity and solidarity around this cause.
  2. Reducing Snack Waste:
    • We have encouraged all families and students to prepare sustainable snacks using reusable containers and minimizing plastic waste. This small gesture will have a great impact on our effort to reduce the amount of trash generated at school.
  3. Awareness:
    • Yesterday, the students from the Primary Eco-School Committee gave a presentation to raise awareness among their peers about the importance of Environment Day. This presentation included information on current environmental challenges and the actions we can all take to protect our planet.
  4. Comparing Plastic Waste in the Playground:
    • To highlight the importance of our actions, we conducted a comparative activity where we will analyze the amount of plastic waste collected in the playground on June 4th and 5th. This exercise will allow us to visualize the impact of our daily decisions and the difference we can make with small changes.

Activities Throughout the Year:

In addition to these specific actions, we have carried out the following activities throughout the year:

  • Green Runners:
    • All Primary and Secondary classes went running during their PE hours in the area around the school and took the opportunity to clean all the adjacent streets and nearby rural roads.
  • Planting:
    • All Nursery and Primary students participated in planting in the school’s gardens and vegetable patches.
  • Recycling Workshop:
    • We have carried out various activities with recycled materials throughout the year.
  • Solidarity Heart:
    • In April, we inaugurated our new metal heart for bottle caps located in the schoolyard near the bus gate. By collecting bottle caps, we support the project “El sendero de Iria.”
  • Water Run and Water Walk:
    • Collaborating with UNICEF’s “Enrédate” educational program and coinciding with the celebration of Water Day on March 22nd, we supported raising awareness about the importance of water and its responsible use from the classroom.
  • Musical Eco-Challenge:
    • This involved choosing a song and showering while the song played, aiming to turn off the water before the song ended.

We are convinced that with your support and participation, this Environment Day celebration will be a great success and an important step towards raising awareness and caring for our planet. We encourage you to get involved in the scheduled activities and to foster in your children a respect and love for nature.