In this double aspect, the use of a business simulator (Young Business Talents) allows students to develop in a practical and active way all the theoretical contents seen in the classroom, in addition to strengthening concepts for the EVAU exam of said subject.

In the simulator, you work in teams of 3 or 4 people, which encourages collaborative learning. Each team is a company that will have to make all the decisions that are made in the business world:

  • What will be produced and in what quantities?
  • In which markets is it going to be sold?
  • What marketing strategies are we going to follow?
  • How much are we going to pay our staff?

The simulator works with the principle of inference, so that the decisions of each working group will be good or bad depending on those that have also been made by their “competitors”. A “feedback” process then begins that students must interpret so that when making new decisions, these are better than the previous ones with the information received and analyzed.

The incorporation of these tools generates a climate of permanent learning, of challenged students, of sharing ideas and opinions and of improving all the skills that we want our students to acquire in order to face the challenges that arise outside of our School with full guarantees.



Rafael Alonso
Business Economics Teacher