When talking about (or looking for) an improvement in learning, sometimes very basic aspects that have a huge influence on the results are not taken into consideration. Above all these factors, I would highlight time. Time management in learning is fundamental and a broad problem. It ranges from the timing of the activity itself (if we have a lot of time, the students disperse and if there is little, the result is poor) to the management of this factor in a much more global way. An overload of activities, those derived from the school and external ones, can suppose a wear and tear that will also be reflected in the academic results (taking it to the adult environment we can all have a very clear comparison: when the tasks required are continuous and very demanding, a feeling of satiety is generated and, possibly, a lower performance)

For this reason it is essential that the work assigned is well scheduled and that the students are very clear about its usefulness. There is nothing that is less eager and fruitless than the time spent badly on tasks that are considered to have no value.

Let’s look for good time management, inside and outside the center, as a first element to improve learning.


Esther Domínguez Robles

Teacher of Sixth Form