The Importance of Teaching Assistants in the Classroom

Teaching Assistants, by providing individual and tailored care in the classroom, help to create a secure and loving atmosphere for children, and thus play an essential role in student´s everyday lives at school.

A Teacher Assistant helps with classroom management and assists the main teacher with a variety of tasks: They provide one-on-one support, such as language, math, and literacy lessons, as well as extra attention to ensure that all students’ needs are met. Throughout the day, a Teaching Assistant works in close collaboration with the lead teacher and may support individual students, small groups, or the entire class when the lead teacher is absent.

Another critical function of Teacher Assistants is to prepare students for various transitions, such as changing classrooms, or getting dressed/undressed when they enter or exit the classroom. A Teacher Assistant also supervises students outside of the classroom (i.e., at lunch, recess, or field excursions), participates in team meetings and the development of learning strategies, and cultivates trusting relationships with students, staff, and parents.

A second teacher in the classroom allows for a more individualized support, not just for children who are at risk of falling behind, but also for those who have advanced abilities. As a result, teacher assistants are essential in ensuring the greatest possible progress for all students.

Soledad Salazar

Teacher Assistant Early Years