Young children are like sponges, soaking up all the information in their brains to learn how to function in their day-to-day environment. They need to continuously experiment with everything that is around them, to understand the behavior of things, the consequences of their actions, but that alone is not enough, they must also learn to name things, they have to learn to speak.

And what better way to enhance their intellectual, auditory, sensory, motor and speech development than through music?

It has been shown through various studies that music improves memory and attention in children, stimulates body expression, favors the development of the sense of hearing, learns vocabulary with songs and favors the socialization of children. This is because music has a series of rhythms that influence our brain and encourage body movement, thus favoring rapprochement between equals for the pleasure of listening to music and moving to its rhythm.

Not only listening to music has benefits, singing and playing an instrument also contributes good things to the development of the child’s brain, both for language acquisition and for fostering social relationships.

Christina Lucero

Teacher of Early Years