The school has its own kitchen and all our menus are prepared in the school’s own facilities in line with strict hygiene standards. Our school menu is published every month and is monitored by the Spanish Foundation of Diet and Nutrition Specialists. ~

Our menu is prepared every month by a nutrition expert and consists of a first course, second course and dessert. From Year 3 of Primary, children can choose between two different menus and there will always be a third healthy option of vegetables or salad. If the dessert is fruit, they can choose between two different kinds.

We also cater to all special dietary requirements that children may have, including allergies, medical diets, gluten-free and diabetic. The menu is sent out to families every month so that they can rest assured that their child is having a balanced diet.

Our teachers supervise the dining hall and are responsible for ensuring that standards of proper behaviour are met in the dining hall. They are also responsible for monitoring any children that may have an eating disorder of any kind.

We regularly hold workshops on good table manners that build on what children have learnt at home.

You can print out the menus from our website or keep them on your mobile devices.



The school offers three types of menu variants on the basic menu, as long as there is a minimum demand quota of more than 15 students in each of the menus.

These modalities do not include a double menu option to choose from :

  • Vegetarian Menu: Meat, fish and seafood will be replaced from the basic menu by other vegetarian options.
  • Ecological Menu: This menu consists of replacing the legumes, rice, pasta, fruit and the following vegetables (potatoes, onion, carrot, zucchini, green and red pepper, piece tomato (does not include tomato sauce)) from the basic menu. ECO variation.
  • Ecological Menu PLUS: This menu consists of replacing the basic menu with legumes, rice, pasta, fruit and the following vegetables (potatoes, onion, carrot, zucchini, tomato, green and red pepper) for their ECO variation. In addition, this menu also replaces the proteins on the basic menu with ECO proteins: Eggs, beef, chicken, yogurt and milk (ECO fish not included).

If you are interested in hiring any of these menus or include yourself in the demand list, you can send an e-mail to