My children get dirty at school

Yes, they do and yes, they should.

This is often a complaint we, teachers, receive. However, today I will try and offer a new perspective and hopefully, by the end of this article you will perceive it as something positive.

Children often go home covered in paint, ink, glitter, plasticine, sand and sometimes even food. As teachers we try our best to give them a quick wipe and help clean them up, but these are all signs your child has been proactive. When you see these signs it means they have been playing, learning, experimenting and working on becoming more independent and autonomous.

If by the end of the day he/she were immaculate it would probably mean they have sat on a chair all day listening to “today’s lecture”. This goes against our principles, we aim for the opposite. We want children who are part of their learning experience, involved in the lesson, who manipulate different materials, who try new things and techniques, who run around and most importantly who enjoy their time at school. 

So, next time your child’s uniform is covered in paint, breathe in and say ¨It looks like today was fun. Tell me about it”.

Miss Patricia Romero Soriano
Early Years Teacher