On many occasions you will have heard us comment, both to me and to other music teachers, that musical practice brings great benefits. Both singing and instrumental performance favor the development of skills such as memory, attention, concentration, coordination, motor skills, creativity, etc.

But today I would like to highlight another very important aspect that music brings us. And it is the relationship it has with emotions. Its ability to change our mood or transmit what we feel. Many times music is capable of moving us more than words. It also gives people a great feeling of togetherness.

At school we try to ensure that students experience that sensation of sharing musical experiences with others since they are small. We feel more united when together we sing our anthem in a celebration, sing for peace, for the planet or dedicate a song to someone on a special occasion.

On the other hand, we must not forget that music is a vehicle of communication, in which, on the one hand, there are those who interpret it, and on the other, the public that listens to it. Every time we have the opportunity to offer concerts in front of an audience, there is an exchange of emotions between both parties. It is a very enriching experience for all.

We have experienced it both in the concerts that we offer to families, and in the outings that we make with the Choir to hospitals or residences. Unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic, we have not been able to do them for two years, and it is really missed. Today it seems that the situation is tending to normalize and we hope to be able to resume these activities soon.

This year, as soon as the course began, we show our solidarity towards the inhabitants of La Palma by dedicating a song to them. We immediately received the thanks of the schools to which we sent it.

Today we have to mourn another enormous misfortune, which is the war in Ukraine. Our primary school students have some understanding of what is happening, and they know that there are millions of people who have had to flee and are having a very hard time. We also wanted to show our feeling of solidarity with them by learning and recording a Ukrainian melody. We will try to get it to you somehow.

In this video you can listen to it.

José María Rosado
Music Department Coordinator