Laude Fontenebro at Retotech 2021

This Schol year we are participating at Retotech 2021 from the Endesa Foundation with 6th-grade students. As usual for us, we have included our participation in this robotics competition within our project-based learning. 6th-grade students have been working on the STEAM PROJECT: BEVERAGE FACTORY all year long.

The BEVERAGE FACTORY project is a STEAM project in which sixth-graders work throughout the course. It is a transversal project and the objective is the creation of a healthy drink. We believe that today it is important to be aware of our diet in order to lead a healthy and happy life. Establishing these bases from school and childhood seems essential for students to develop at all levels.

Thus, since September we have been studying the human body and its different functions. Then we have focused more on the nutrition function and we have seen the different types of nutrients and what they provide us. We have learned to read labels and have discovered that many of the foods we eat provide us with “empty calories” (without nutrients) and, basically, a lot of sugar. Therefore, we have seen the need to respond with the creation of our own healthy drinks (we have created several, in groups of three): In Science, we have justified the ingredients; In Mathematics the measures and proportions, and together with Language we have created the recipe to elaborate it. In English, we have started our marketing campaign to see what is special about it and who it is for. Also from Sciences, we have studied the materials and their properties and we have found the keys to create our bottles. Thanks to the subjects of Programming, Art, and Communication we are now at the moment of the design project of the bottle (creating the prototypes thanks to the design and 3D printing), the logo (Plastic), and the advertising spot (Communication).
Finally, we are considering how to distribute the drink. Thanks to the knowledge and skills that we have been acquiring throughout the course in the Programming class, we have the idea of ​​using the equipment we have and creating a vending machine and a waiter robot for the fair to present our drinks.

Short Video summarizing our Retotech 2021 Project, shortly we will ask you to vote for us for the Endesa Foundation Networks award.
We hope you find it as fascinating as we do.
Clara de Blas and Luis Zumárraga