“Interpreting Van Gogh” is a project developed at Laude Fontenebro School during the first term of the year. Cristina Béjar, Primary stage Coordinator in Laude Fontenebro School, began this project “as an interdisciplinary initiative in the Playful Philosophy classes, a subject within our educational curriculum from the age of 3 years old. Using the figure of the artist, we wanted our students to develop a taste for art, creativity, critical thinking, inquiry, ethics and the ability to find meaning in a work of art”.

Starting from this idea in Playful Philosophy, we wanted to enrich the project by adding the areas of Music, Science, Computing, Emotional Education and Arts. But also, we incorporated the project into the rest of the stages, from Early Years to Secondary, thus forming an interdisciplinary project developed in a transversal and vertical way.

With this integration of subjects involved in the project, it has been possible to provide a different learning approach from each area of ​​knowledge and “the participation of students and teachers from different stages produces a much more enriching learning process”, as Julia García Morán, Early Years Coordinator, explained who introduced the Playful Philosophy classes at this stage five years ago.

The “Interpreting Van Gogh” project has allowed our students to achieve knowledge in a global, active, constructive, cooperative, contextualized and practical way. To finalize the project, a MUSEUM has been created, which collects examples of this entire learning journey in which we have all enjoyed – both students and teachers. In this way, we will have the opportunity to share it with the families of Laude Fontenebro School through an appointment system and with all the health measures required by our Covid Protocol.

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