Geometry and everyday objects

In the subject of Mathematics, the first-year Secondary students have worked and investigated in groups, to apply knowledge about areas and volumes to objects in their daily lives. Together they have gathered different containers to model as cylinders and prisms (mainly soda cans, boxes and milk cartons).

They have used different strategies to take the necessary measures and subsequently have analyzed measurements and calculations made by the members of their group and the rest of their classmates. To complete the analysis, they have compared the results of the volumes obtained by modeling the objects with the data indicated in each container and have reflected on some of the reasons for the possible differences in results.

Some have worked together on all the points of the work and others have divided the tasks that they have subsequently shared, but it was very important that before handing in, all the members of each group agreed on the developments and the results obtained.

Ana Isabel Siguero Chinchilla
Head of Science and Mathematics Department