On Saturday, March 12th, two teams from the school participated in the 2022 edition of the First Lego League, one of them made up of Primary students and the other from Secondary.

The project Our Primary team, called LEGO MAGIC, consisted of a city with ecological transport and two motorized elements: a crane and a sorting center.

Since December Lego Magic has been studying the different types of transport, the goods they transport and how companies try to make these transports more sustainable. For this reason, they have focused on developing an ecological city with eco-efficient transport. Our little Primary students had the honor of presenting their project to the judges like true professionals and it was incredible how they performed, which the court applauded for the communication skills they showed, as well as the presentation of the project in English.

On the other hand, our Secondary team, LEGO WARS, has been working on different ways to improve shipping, focusing on the environmental aspects of it. To do this, they developed a model of a container ship with rigid sails, solar panels and wind turbines. The presentation before the FLL judges was fantastic and they defended their innovative proposal with great solvency. Finally, they recognized our team for the excellent work of cooperation, inclusion, teamwork and discovery learning carried out throughout the entire process with the 2nd FLL Values ​​Award!!!!!

Also, this time our team did a good job in the robot game getting good scores in the other games.

We are tremendously proud of the teams for the incredible projects they have carried out

Congratulations to both teams and also congratulations to their coaches, Miss Alice and Luis, for guiding them in this magnificent project!