Classical Culture is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful subjects to teach as a teacher and when the students’ projects have a positive impact on the school it is also very gratifying, also for them.

The challenge for 3rd year Secondary students taking this elective was to revisit the classic fables of Aesop and Phaedrus, and understand the moralizing function of these narratives. The project has consisted of preparing and representing these stories to a demanding audience, our 4-year-old students.

The students adapted the original text to create the dialogues and the staging, they made almost all the puppets and represented them to their classmates from the Early years stage, first in 4 years and then in 2 years because they asked us for a BIS.

Working with the team and showing the results of their efforts, sharing that time with the little ones at school, seeing their reactions to the stories… it was an exciting experience. Beyond the curricular part of the subject, it is an exercise in empathy, to awaken their civic conscience, to make them feel that they belong to this family that is the school and see the impact that their actions have on others. Especially that they feel like they are the benchmark for those who come after.


Casilda Mendaza

Secondary Teacher