The debate is not only an act of communication, but the ability to use the word in public to correctly express an idea. In this sense, the debate favors the transformation of our students into citizens and active thinkers, capable of functioning in the real world beyond academic life. In this way, we want our students to be able, not only to communicate, but also to develop other types of skills such as teamwork or the development of social and civic awareness. For this reason, debate as a tool in the classroom is a form of teaching that implies full use of linguistic competence: work on speaking turns, fluency, content progression, vocabulary and even grammar. Thus, we can put theory into practice and let students be the protagonists of their own learning, favoring the development of critical thinking.

At Fontenebro International School we encourage debate during the Secondary and Bachillerato stages in the form of projects. In this past evaluation, the 4th Secondary students have reflected on the influence that social networks have on our society. On the other hand, high school freshmen had to face the following question: Does the media currently play the right role in society?

In addition, as in previous editions, a representation of first year high school students will have the opportunity to participate in the Nebrija Versus pre-university debate organized by Nebrija University. The debate league will be held on March 10, 11 and 12 at the Madrid Campus – Princesa de la Universidad. Previously, our students will attend a training course at the hands of specialist university professors in the field.

Good luck to all participants!

Rut Hidalgo López
Language and Literature Secondary Teacher