Heart dissection

During the week of April 5th, the students of the two groups of 3rd of Secondary have been able to verify by dissecting a heart the anatomy of said organ, as we saw in class. The practice was developed in the Biology and Chemistry laboratories to reduce the number of students per classroom. In this way, and using the appropriate dissection technique, they were able to observe the heart chambers, the location of the valves, or the consistency of the main blood vessels.

Antonio J. de Paz
Biology Teacher 

In this practice I’ve learned what a pig heart really looks like, even though we have seen a lot of photos in class and learned all the parts that’s a perfect heart that barely resembles the actual one. Knowing this, at first identifying the ventricles and atriums was a bit difficult, but in the end we figured them out.

Once the cuts were made and the parts were well positioned, we began to experiment. Finding both valves (the tricuspid and mitral), trying to cut the septum, which was an impossible task and just seeing and determining where arteries such as the aorta or the pulmonary went.

In the end I think it was a really interesting practice, personally it helped me realize and manipulate what I have inside my body and know the importance of it. I like it very much and I even have fun in the process.

María C.
3rd B Secondary Student