One of the main objectives of the mathematics subject is that our students can face mathematical problems of everyday life.

Last January, our 4th Secondary students had the opportunity to face a real trigonometry problem, in which they had to find the height of different objects on the school campus using trigonometry. Of course, you could not directly measure the height of objects, but would have to make auxiliary measurements of lengths and angles for it.

This time, the students used only a tape measure and an angle measurement app called a dioptra to perform the calculations. With these tools they were able to determine the height of the chemistry lab, a basketball goal and the soccer field fence, putting into practice the content learned in class.

With this challenge, the students internalized the content learned in class, valued teamwork and faced a real problem. In addition to being a didactic project, it was a fun activity in which even the youngest in the school wanted to participate, helping the older ones to measure distances.

Lorena Matos Portillo
Mathematics Secondary Teacher