As you know, in our school the participation in the Choir is completely voluntary and free. A selection has never been made based on the vocal or musical qualities of the students, because the intention is to give everyone the opportunity to enrich themselves with this activity.


Singing in a group offers everyone the chance to develop and improve our musical abilities. It is also an experience through which we share emotions and create bonds between students from different courses, parents and teachers. We learn, we help each other and we have a good time. Of course, the fact of being part of the Choir implies a commitment. Students sacrifice two breaks a week to be able to attend rehearsals, which require a certain amount of discipline and concentration.


In its already long history, the Fontenebro Choir has brought its music closer to people admitted to hospitals or geriatric centers in the Community of Madrid. We have performed in the Niño Jesús, in the Hospital de Guadarrama, and in various residences for the elderly.


These outings are a great motivation for students. Each performance is an opportunity to show the work done during the rehearsals, and at the same time to learn about the reality of these people who go through difficult situations and to be able to do something for them. It is very comforting to feel the emotion that our performances provoke in the public and the recognition that they show us. It has been more than proven that music has a very positive influence on the mood of patients, and for this reason in many hospitals around the world it is used as another therapeutic resource. Our Choir contributes its grain of sand.


From here I want to congratulate all the Choir participants for their solidarity work and encourage other students, fathers, mothers and teachers to join us.

In these links you can see (although pixelated) two moments of our performances.

Performance at the Villalba Hospital 2023

Performance at the Hospital Niño Jesús 2022

thank you so much

Jose Maria Rosado

(Director of the Fontenebro Choir)