Dear families,


Reflecting on this past year and which coincides with my first year as director of Fontenebro International School, I cannot fail to start by thanking the entire community for the good reception they have given me and for the opportunity to lead this project in which we are all participants and agents in the education of these future generations. This alliance between the school and the families was one of the pillars that we sought to positively cultivate and encourage during this year since we believe in the value of communication and, as such, we have established different channels for families to know what their child( a) is learning and how is he doing it. Also, the open communication between the school and the students allowed us to listen to their real needs and challenge them, as students, to take responsibility for their school life and learning process.


My words shared with everyone over the course of the year have been one of reflection, inquiry, motivation and always with a focus on the fact that the path to success and the achievement of our established objectives is not always easy and direct, it is often more complex. During this cycle we began with a more international, research-based curriculum focus, where the holistic nature of the curriculum allows for the development of the student’s social, emotional and academic learning, with an emphasis on the values ​​and attitudes that make our students be self-motivated and self-disciplined global citizens.


For what is to come, I hope that we can all take advantage of and make significant the knowledge that we will receive, likewise that each one follow their steps to trace the course that will lead them to new paths that will transform. Remembering that ‘education is the most powerful weapon we have to change the world’, we cannot be afraid or resist change, because through it, we will have better people, who will be more empathetic, more human and more responsible.


I take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays and a prosperous new year.


A cordial greeting,


Hugo Liz