Learning corners in Early Years

Young children learn best by experimenting the environment with their own hands, which is why learning corners are such a vital part of their learning in Early Years education.

In our classrooms, we offer a warm learning environment with a variety of age-appropriate learning corners. 

To begin with, learning in corners allows children to grow in their social skills by playing co-operatively with other friends (taking turns or sharing materials for example). Also is great because children can take the time to explore what they are interested in, since they can always choose their own preference and the order to go in each one.  Maybe one child loves arts and crafts or painting while another is a big fan of plasticine. In this case, both can get the chance to express their own interests while choosing the corner they like to do. 

In 4 years classroom, we enjoy all the Corners but their favourites are, with no doubt, the arts & crafts corner, plasticine, role play and, obviously, free play time. They never complain about playing too much!

Janina Ramírez
Early Years Teacher