Storytelling in Early Years

One of the children’s favorite activities that we do weekly in the 4-year-old English class is storytelling. Every Monday we start by reading a different story with which we will work on different aspects throughout the week.

Through the stories we increase oral expression and expand our vocabulary in English because each story is linked to the objectives that we are learning that term, winter, flowers, animals, etc. This also help us to continue working on vocabulary that we already know and learning new words.

The first thing we do once we have read the story is to draw a picture of our favorite part of the story. With this we not only help to make a comprehensive reading but also the drawing improves their fine motor skills, their hand-eye coordination and develops their imagination.

Another of the activities that we carry out based on the story of the week is a craft that will help us to work on different aspects such as sequences, remembering the order of the story, creativity and the consolidation of the vocabulary worked on.

In accordance with the story of the week, we also generate a sensory tray in which children can experiment and manipulate. While they play, they work on their oral expression and their imagination creating their own stories or alternative endings to the story we have read.

Stories allow us to work on different aspects. Storytelling is a fun and interactive activity for children. As they learn through the process and content of storytelling, children begin to love learning and associate it with a fun activity.


Beatriz Manzano

Early Years Teacher.