Shannel, Nico y Nicole, Teacher Assistants 2018/19

My name is Nicole Tauster and I’ll be the language assistant for upper primary this year. I’m originally from Chicago, Illinois, USA but I’ve been living in Madrid for 3 years now! During that time I worked as a language assistant with students of all ages in a small school in El Pardo. I’m really excited to be able to continue in this role and get to meet and help so many more children with their English studies. And I’m thrilled to be doing it in such a wonderful environment, taking full advantage of Laude Fontenebro’s impressive facilities!

Hello,  I am Shannel Julius, a Language Assistant at Laude Fontenebro, from Brooklyn, New York.  In 2015, I graduated from the University of Scranton with a Bachelor’s degree In Hispanic studies and History. Since graduating, I’ve spent the last 3 years working in bilingual programs in the United States and Spain. It will be a pleasure to continue this role at Laude Fontenebro.  The curriculum and dedication present in this school is outstanding and will make this a successful and productive school year. I look forward to teaching and learning from the students!. 


Hello, my name is Nicolo Di Pasqua and I will be working at Fontenebro for a second year as a native English teaching assistant.  I had such a positive experience last year that I was eager to return and contiue my Fontenebro journey. Throughout the year, my role will be to supplement the work of our excellent English language teachers and to provide the students with constant language feedback and support. Most of my time will be spent in the infants with students aged 3-5, but I will also be present for some year 1 lessons, working with the students in small groups or individually. I aim to communicate with the students solely in English, which will drastically improve their listening and comprehension skills. I strongly believe in the benefits that bilingualism has on children, especially of a young age and I hope to spark interest towards future language learning. I look forward to another great year!



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