HI! My name is Maria FitzGibbon for this  my first year at Laude Fontenebro School as a Classroom Language Assistant.  I will be mainly working with our Infants English pronunciation and vocabulary by creating a space where they feel confident and encouraged to develop their knoledge as they reach their goals . Im very excited about this year and I’m sure it´s going to be a good one!!



Hello, my name is Clare Croft and I will be working as a Classroom Language Assistant at Laude Fontenebro this year.  I will be working with all the students in the Primary school assisting with English lessons and in their Communications Skills class.

 I hope to expose the students to English in a fun and creative way. It will be a great opportunity for them to have a native speaker in the classroom and to be fully immersed with the target language.   My aim is to develop a natural interest and passion for learning languages in students from a young age and help to foster bilingualism in the school.  I will work with small groups of children and help to boost their confidence in lessons through practising pronunciation and their communication skills such as giving presentations and the speaking skills they need to work cooperatively  with their classmates. I am very excited about my year ahead at Fontenebro and I’m sure I will learn a lot from the pupils.


Hello my name is Jack Anthony Morton and I am returning this year to Laude Fontenebro as a Classroom Language Assistant . This year I am working with the whole of primary in the English and Drama lessons.  I will be working mainly in small groups to improve the fluency, pronunciation and accuracy of vocabulary of the children by allowing them to hear how native English is spoken and sentences are structured. I will also spend a large part of my time with years 5 and 6, with the aim to provide assistance in their speaking section of their KET and PET Cambridge exams. In Drama I will be working with encouraging the students to express themselves in English and become more comfortable using the language in a variety of situations, through fun activities. I very much look forward to starting again and I´m sure it´s going to be a great year!


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