Junior First Lego League (FLL)

After six intensive weeks of brainstorming ideas, researching, creating and problem-solving Laude Fontenebro’s team of enthusiastic participants finally presented their Lego model to a panel of scientists and to an audience of parents and other participating teams at the annual First Lego League tournament on Saturday 21st February.   

‘The Thinkers’ made up of six 4th year students, Nuria, Dikrán and Mariola from 4A and Luis, Paola and Pedro from 4B have been working hard on this year’s challenge which was related to education, more specifically, to choose a place where we can learn and an object we find there from which we can learn.  The team came up with a great idea of focusing their investigation on a roundabout in a children’s play park.   

During this six week journey, the team learned many things from the steps engineers use in the building process to computer programming and problem-solving.  Not only that, now they know why you fall off a spinning roundabout if you don’t hold on!

‘The Thinkers’ did a wonderful presentation – in English – at the event and fully deserved their medals ‘For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology’. As the team’s coach, I was very proud of all the team for their commitment, creativity, team-work and enthusiasm throughout the project.

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