Girls who code

Coding is an important subject for all students here at Fontenebro. We start working with Beebots in the Early Years stage and keep increasing the difficulty through primary all the way to secondary and Bachillerato using different robotics platforms and programming languages. Year after year we have participated in the Week of Code organised by the European Union and we also participate in the global Hour of Code events, but more importantly we have coding activities as part of the ITC curriculum in every course.

Today, 8th of March, we want to call the attention on the fact that coding is for everybody, there shouldn’t be any social barrier of any kind in relation to coding, and certainly here at Fontenebro there is no gender gap in our coding activities.

Just to celebrate the 8th of March we want to showcase some coding projects created by Girs who code, and who really understand coding.

I hope you enjoy them!

Luis Zumárraga

Harry Potter Game