This school year, as in previous ones, the opportunity to take the Cambridge exams at the school is still provided.

According to the school’s methodology, Cambridge lessons are incorporated two hours a week into the school day, which is an advantage for the students since they do not have to attend external Cambridge classes.


What are the advantages of certifying your English Level with Cambridge?


The first one would be the international recognition that this type of certification has both in Spain and throughout the world, in all types of institutions, ranging from universities to private or public companies.


The development of a variety of skills is another significant bonus when it comes to certifying our level of English. Learning to write a well-structured formal text, understanding both written and oral texts and speaking fluently on any subject are the most remarkable ones.


In addition to this, Cambridge exams improve career prospects for teenagers and help younger students gain confidence with English, while preparing them for more challenging tests in the upcoming future.


For all these reasons, our learners should take one of the exams in accordance with their ability before leaving school. Taking the exam now will be less effort than taking the exam later.


Nieves Cortés 

Secondary Teacher