“Are we willing to change the best of our way of being to please others? Is it worth it?”…thus ends the story I go with me, by Raquel Díaz Reguera. A story about self-esteem, about the value of “little things that make us unique” (as its dedication indicates), about the need to look at ourselves and see our worth above what others tell us.

After reviewing what self-esteem means, what influences it and how we can take care of it, we read this wonderful story and reflected on it. We also had the opportunity to see the second part, I am, where Martín realizes how heavy the labels that society puts on us are. Once this was done, the 3rd EPO students set up their “Box of my SELF” telling us those little things that make them special. This way they were able to get to know each other a little better and create group cohesion.

In that box they included a bird that represented that freedom to be whoever they want to be regardless of what others think.

“And now I know that I go with me and I look at myself and I see myself. I have wings.”

Beatriz Escrivá
Emotional Education Teacher and Primary Counselor