We are the European Parliament Ambassador School!

The European Parliament Ambassador School Program aims to publicize the functioning of parliamentary democracy, the importance of European values ​​and the activity of this institution. This project is carried out in more than 1750 schools in all the member countries of the European Union.

The program encourages Junior Youth Ambassadors to actively exercise European citizenship. In our school, the junior ambassador pool is made up of 4th ESO students who have already begun to carry out interesting and dynamic activities, which have also been implemented in the other secondary courses. Some of the ones they have enjoyed and learned the most have been:

  • The visit to the Europe Direct center of the Community of Madrid, where we attended a pleasant talk about what it means to be part of the European Union.
  • The preparation of presentations to learn about the European Union through interactive games.
  • The celebration of Christmas in the European Union, where each high school class was in charge of organizing these holidays in the different member countries.
  • Attendance at the talk by Maite Pagazaurtundúa, MEP of the Renew Europe Group and vice-president of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament.

In addition, being part of this family of European schools is a great challenge that gives the entire educational community the opportunity to carry out the idea of ​​Europe in an experiential way. This month we will inaugurate a European InfoPint that will be located at the entrance to the secretariat of the center. There will be up-to-date information on all the activities that our junior ambassadors do on a daily basis, as well as news of interest on the institutions and current affairs of the European Union.

Go ahead and come see it!

Rut Hidalgo Gómez 

Primary Teacher