Last Sunday the 18th, the Fontenebro School had the opportunity to participate in the most anticipated musical of the year: Ubuntu and action!! at the Circus Price Theatre.

It is a socio-pedagogical project of the highest level and quality, created by the playwright Alberto Frías and the artistic director Juan Manuel Alonso expressly for the students of 42 schools and more than 2,600 children in Madrid alone. The children felt the emotion of singing together with the soloists Cristina Picos, Germán Torres, Berta Luna, Beatriz de Teresa and the aforementioned Alberto Frías himself. The Carlos III Orchestra, under the baton of Enrique Iglesias Romero, supported the voices of our students, who had worked in recent months on the themes and choreographies of this exciting musical during Music classes.

For the event, together with the families, we prepared simple costumes and props that helped us get into the action and express the emotions that each of the songs went through. Until the last moment, our singers did not know many of the details of the plot, so, in addition to singing, they were aware of what was happening just two meters from them on stage and fully focused on the plot.

In addition to the artistic and musical aspects, Ubuntu promotes the values ​​of teamwork, inclusion and the fight against bullying and in this edition adds the defense of the Environment.

It takes place in Madrid, Andalusia and Castilla La Mancha, with more than 6,500 choir participants. Winner of the Great Initiatives Award for the inclusion of Fundación Atresmedia and EduCaixa in 2020.

A production by the Carlos III Orchestra, winner of the Madrid Community Ombudsman Award in 2011.

Participating in this project, together with such great professionals, has been a privilege and an opportunity for growth for me as a music teacher and for our children, who, I am sure, will remember it all their lives.


Raquel Machín

Music teacher