The 5th Primary students enjoyed a very exciting day on Wednesday, January 26th, in the sports center pavilion.

Thanks to the COE (Spanish Olympic Committee) they were able to enjoy the sports promotion program for schoolchildren: “All Olympics”.

The objective of this program is to bring the Olympic movement closer to Madrid schoolchildren, having as references professional athletes who have participated in some Olympic Games, in order to transmit all the vital values ​​of sport to them.

On this occasion, the Olympic athletes who participated in this program were: Sandra Aguilar Navarro (Olympic runner-up in Rio 2016 with the rhythmic gymnastics team) and Sonia Lafuente Martínez (Olympic ice skater in Vancouver 2010).

The program consisted of two parts. In the first, Sandra and Sonia explained to the students the evolution of the Olympics, from its beginnings in Greece to the present. And also the changes that have been emerging, both in sports and in competition.

In the second part, the students were able to learn about some of the sports equipment used in the Olympic Games and to be able to practice some of these sports such as fencing or archery.

It was certainly a very exciting and fun day.

Alejandro Rodriguez Useros
 Pshysical Education Teacher