We have been participating in the Titiricole section of the Segovia International Festival of Performing Arts and Puppetry for seven years now. And like every year, the storyteller specialist in puppets, Rodorín, visited us in November to help, with a talk-performance, the students to develop their creative capacity and imagination.

Titiricole is a different experience in which students share stories told with puppets with other schools. This is intended to promote the artistic and interpretive skills of children and adolescents through work in small collaborative groups in which each member participates by contributing.

José Antonio López Parreño, with the artistic name Rodorín, has been participating in the International Festival for many years and also shows an exceptional ability, like the good teacher he was in his beginnings, to transmit his knowledge to the students in an entertaining way.

The students not only learn, but also discover that on many occasions the simplest is the most effective, as well as the importance of using recycled materials.

The experience in all these years has always been positive and gratifying for the 1st ESO students, in addition to facilitating the realization of an interdisciplinary project prepared by the teachers of the Language and Literature and Visual Arts subjects.

Gracia Fernández Vallado
Humanities Department Coordinator