Titiricole 2021

As every year, we participate in the Titiricole section of the Titirimundi International Festival of Segovia. This year the 2nd ESO students who were unable to do so the previous year due to confinement, present their works. The students have voluntarily taken up the work left by a medium to finish it, record it and send it for presentation, together with the rest of the participants from other schools, from May 13 to 19 on Titirimundi’s YouTube channels.

The work is titled Story about story and includes a series of children’s stories: Little Red Riding Hood, What does the moon taste like ?, Watch out for the frog!, An independent butt and The language of animals. The students have really enjoyed themselves, they have done a magnificent job in making the puppets and they have made a magnificent performance.

We hope you can see it!