The yearning of the hug

Trying to adapt to current times and trying to create spaces to “get out and share” how we are feeling, we have held sessions in Elementary Emotional Education where we have identified what emotions we have felt in the confinement stage, how we have expressed them and how we have managed those that we find most unpleasant.

We have seen the video “The longing for the hug” (youtube) remembering how this pandemic has changed society and how it is preventing us from showing our love and affection through physical contact, how we miss being able to hug certain people because of the risk that supposed to do it.

As Elsa Punset says, a hug is one of the most powerful ways to show affection. A hug of at least 6 seconds generates “the chemistry of well-being” (releasing oxytocin), communicates many emotions in a very short time without the need for words, calms stress and strengthens the immune system.

Watching the video proposed by the Responsible Education Program of the Botín Foundation “The Hugging Curtain” (youtube), we have got down to work and we have created a lot of inventions that will allow us to hug our loved ones without fear of getting infected … From a shower of glitter or a chip that kills the virus, a machine that brings your dear friend in the form of a hologram to hug him, vests that transmit the sensations of a hug from one to another, a tornado that eliminates the virus and It allows hugging without risk, etc., etc. The students have shown their most creative side, wishing they could receive or give one of those hugs of more than 6 seconds to feel calm and safe.

And you … do you miss a HUG?

Beatriz Escrivá

Emotional Education