“Zorro had had a long and happy life, but now he was tired. He looked at his beloved forest one last time and fell asleep… forever. ”

Coinciding with Halloween and All Saints’ Day, the 1st and 2nd EPO classes had the opportunity to see a very special story called “The Tree of Memories” (Ed. Nubeocho). In this activity of the Fundación Botín Responsible Education Program, we have reflected on death and loss from a perspective that extols the importance of celebrating life and all the memories that remain in us.

Several students who had recently lost much loved pets as well as those who missed their relatives who are no longer there had a space to remind them, to talk about death, to identify the associated emotions, express them and manage them appropriately.

We set up our own tree of memories, with heart-shaped leaves where the students drew and wrote about their deceased loved ones to keep them in the memory and, therefore, alive in their hearts.


Beatriz Escrivá

Emotional Education